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How to Play

Tips to Help Golfers Stay Energized on the Golf Course

Keep up your energy and lower your golf scores by eating and drinking properly, before and during the round....(more)

Four Golf Statistics Golfers Should Be Tracking

The four key statistics average golfers should track in order to analyze improve their games....(more)

Lower Your Golf Scores With These Five Course Management Tips

Five simple strategies which players of any ability can easily execute to help lower their golf scores....(more)

Golf Drill - Feet Together

Faults and fixes. How putting your feet together can help fix many golf swing flaws....(more)


Presidents Cup Overview

The Presidents Cup is a biennial international team competition between the USA and an International team made up of non-european players....(more)

FedEx Cup Playoff Venues

Article describing the host venues of the four event FedEx Cup Playoffs....(more)

How are the world golf rankings calculated?

This article attempts to explain the formula for the OWGR (Official World Golf Ranking)....(more)


Why Do You Need Spin on a Golf Ball?

The advantages and disadvantages of golf ball spin. When is spin a good thing when is it not?...(more)

Golf Tips for Playing in the Wind

Basic golf tips for playing in windy conditions....(more)

How to Hit a Draw

A draw for right handed players is a curve in the ball flight from right-to-left. A draw for left handed players is obviously the opposite. The draw is a difficult shot to execute and there are a few different ways one may attempt to hit a draw. Why hit a draw? The draw ball flight can increase distance and roll. Perhaps course hole shapes or course conditions are best suited for that type of ball flight....(more)

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